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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing policies and documents already created in Word?

Yes, we have a built in import process so your Word documents can be imported directly including any images and tables. This can be done on a per document basis or as a group of documents. You can also use Word documents as attachments along with PDF, XLS, Images and other types of file.

Can we create forms and assessments that can be completed online?

Yes, there is a Forms engine under the Tasks tab for each document you create. The Forms engine is very flexible and can be used for a quick 3 or 4 question quiz to test user knowledge of the content they are accepting or you could create a 40 question assessment with trigger workflow alerts and rich media content.

Can we specify who has access to specific policies and documents?

Yes, there are a number of tools which allow you to control exactly who has access to whole documents or just selected sections of a document, we call this Access Scope and Section Scope. The Access Scope can restrict access to departments, groups or individuals, whereas the Section Scope restricts access based on User Level settings.

Can we set documents to require approval before they are published?

Yes, you can choose if the document you are going to publish requires users to acknowledge they have read and understood the content by setting the Acceptance Scope.  You can decide who falls inside this scope and can choose from the entire user base, specific Departments or Groups, User Levels or individuals. Once set up you can send all users within the Acceptance Scope automatic emails and reminders.

Is there a quick way of seeing how progress is going and who has digitally signed?

Yes, we have a tool called Risk Matrix which allows you to start at the highest organisational level and drill down and displays a matrix grid of current compliance status. So for example if you have offices in multiple Countries your first view would be a Country by Country comparison.  You can then drill into each Country viewing departments, groups and down to individual users.  This also serves as a great way to monitor the Compliance Health of the business.

We want to engage our staff with more than just text, can we add video, charts and slides to documents?

Yes, you can embed lots of rich media content inside documents, sections, topic landing pages and many other areas of Policy Central.  You can also control what can be embedded from a central dashboard so that admin users can’t just embed things you have not yet approved.  Some of our clients have embedded Lucid Charts, Miri Charts, Slide Shows, Spreadsheets, whiteboards and video to provide a very engaging environment.

Can I release a subset of our Handbook to potential job candidates?

Yes, documents are made up of Sections, you can either use one section for all content within a document or provide greater flexibility by breaking down the content into sections. You can then set the Section Scope for particular User Levels.  For example you may have a handbook containing 10 sections and the first 6 sections are accessible to “Job Candidates” + “Established Employees” and then the last 4 sections are set to just “Established Employees”. When the potential “Job Candidate” logs in they will only have access to the first 6 sections of the handbook.  If you set them up within the “Acceptance Scope” you will be able to record they have read and accepted the Handbook.

We don't have any policies or procedures can you provide content as well as the Management Platform?

Yes, we have a team of Associates that are experts within their field that can help you with content for policies, procedures, guides, handbooks, contracts and training.

We want to use data from other software we already use, is this possible?

Yes we can work with you to identify what you are wanting to achieve, review the feasibility and come up with a plan that meets your requirements. We can work with your other software providers directly so you aren't put in the middle and have to relay tech details back and forth.

Can I control the users through our internal HR or Payroll software?

Yes, we have an API specifically for User Control. You are able to add, delete or update user detail including, their department, userlevel, line manager, employee ID, email address, start date, compliance period, and different Countries. The API also allows you to obtain a user list so that you can ensure it matches your internal systems.

Can remote users access policies, documents and forms from their tablet or smart phone?

Yes, we have a mobile version that allows users to login once and stay logged in for as long as you allow. They can view all of the topics and documents made available to them mirroring the desktop version. They can even digitally accept, take quizzes and complete assessments, as well as complete any online form you create.

Can we run reports to monitor acceptance and understanding?

Yes, there are a number of existing reports that provide you with everything from document history, user history, document acceptance, user acceptance, compliance levels, quiz/assessment results, search terms, audit logs, email reminder scheduling and more. However if you find that the report you are looking for doesn't exist, we can create it for you.

Can we set up automatic reminders for acceptance, reviews and approval tasks?

Yes, you have full control over when automated notifications are sent, including elevating alerts to line managers giving visibility of team progress.  It is also a great way to set reminders for annual reviews of policies ready for audits and assessments.

We need to control changes to our policies and documents, can Policy Central handle this?

Yes, Change Control and Version Control is built in from the ground, this means that you can always review what has changed, when, by whom, the reason for change.  You can even review previous versions and report on which users had accepted that particular version.  It acts as a sort of automatic "Expert Witness".

Can a Team Leader take responsibility for their team members and monitor their compliance?

Yes, any user can be set as a team leader and have other users reporting to them.  This then allows the Team Leader to view the team compliance todo lists and reports.  They will even get elevated alert notifications if members of their team are yet to accept a policy or complete an assessment by a certain deadline.

Can I use Policy Central to engage with my Supply chain and vendors?

Yes, by adding your Supplier as a user and setting their Access Scope and Section Scope they can view, read, accept and complete quizzes and assessment forms. You will then have a permanent record of their compliance and be able to use Policy Central as a channel for communicating policy and supplier reviews.

Can my current Content consultant gain access to update our policies and documents?

Yes, you have full control to grant access to users of your choice. In this instance assign the user “Topic Administrator” rights means they will only have admin abilities for the specific topic only.  For example, you can rest assured that your HR consultant won’t be able to change content in the ISO topic areas.

We have a unique requirement that we would like to incorporate into Policy Central, is this possible?

Yes, we have developed Policy Central over many years with our internal development team and this makes adding custom modules and features quite straight forward. Once designed and approved by you we develop, test, release and support the new module or feature. The average turn around is 2 months.

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