Case Studies

Understand how Policy Central can help you through reading some of our Case Studies from anonymised Clients.

Policy Central works in the Tech Sector delivering Corporate Governance
World-wide Compliance

Client A

Client A's dominance in the world of hi-tech requires strong governance and a culture of compliance across the entire world-wide operation. Client A turned to Policy Central to provide a centralised global solution that could be accessed securely in the cloud 24/7 in any time-zone and be relied upon to deliver their "Single Source of Truth" whilst acting as an expert witness.

Policy Central provides a framework of compliance in the Construction and property industries
Operational Efficiencies

Client B

As experts in the Western US multifamily real estate industry, Client B needed a policy management system that gave them total flexibility to span their entire organisation and supply chain, whilst being able to monitor compliance and use the sophisticated automated tools included in Policy Central to improve their operational efficiencies. Client B has been using Policy Central for over 8 years.

Policy Central provides HR information assurance, policy management and learning and development in the Automotive Industry
European HR Management

Client C

Operating across 21 European Countries Client C needed to ensure their HR policies, procedures, forms, induction courses and handbooks were communicated effectively, accessed easily, understood and digitally signed.
Policy Central has scaled to meet the ever-growing needs of a business instrumental in the backbone of the automotive supply chain.

Helping retain CQC accreditation

Client D

The Care Quality Commission is an independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. They make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care. Gaining and retaining accreditation requires a delivery platform that is engaging, easy to use and provides the evidence needed at times of audit that can track changes, acceptance and understanding and this is what Client D needed. Policy Central has been satisfying this need for over 5 years.

Engaging Trusted Partners

Client E

As one of the most successful Networking organisations in the UK Client E had a need to ensure services and benefits were delivered to all the businesses within the trusted partner framework. Information Governance was key to the successful delivery and full engagement. Allowing trusted partners to interact with the content as well as publish their own more sensitive profile and service factors has given the network the edge over their competitors. From onboarding through to referral, Policy Central has delivered.

SOP's at heart

Client F

Client F has conducted thousands of GxP audits in over 100 countries for over 750 international clients. With offices in three continents, their global capabilities allow them to provide coverage for a wide range of healthcare clients, operating internationally. In order to tightly control the processes that deliver such a high standard, Client F needed a solution to ensure their SOP's would be globally available over a secure confidential platform whilst providing high levels of integrity.

Landspeed breaking support

Client G

Client G is an iconic programme which not only aims to break the World Land Speed Record reaching speeds beyond 800mph, but also to showcase world class science and engineering. Client G wanted to be able to manage HR Policies, procedures and handbooks for all staff both employed and voluntary. There was also a need to track staff skills training matrix to ensure they are assigned to the relevant tasks and the ability to monitor the compliance of user acceptance.

Our Intranet with a boost

Client H

Client H is an independent charitable trust based in Andover, Hampshire. Established over 30 years ago, the charity aims to improve people’s health and wellbeing by providing facilities and services that enable people to move more and feel better. Client H wanted to ensure core governance was managed through a central cloud-based solution that allowed all staff, board and trustees to gain secure access to the information needed to meet the business strategy.

Tools for a Global Movement

Client I

Client I is a bridge between those in need and those who can offer support, between community and ethical business, between alternative health and modern medicine and ultimately between dreams and reality. Client I is growing fast as a global enterprise and has business goals to open centres in countries around Europe and the rest of the World. Policy Central provides a confidential platform to create, approve, publish, disseminate, track and monitor compliance and process control.

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