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Policy Central has been designed, developed and is supported by Kbase Connect Ltd.

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The Story Behind Policy Central

Policy Central is an online Cloud-based SaaS designed, developed and is supported by Kbase Connect Ltd.
Kbase Connect Ltd were established in June 2000 with the aim to bring technology in the form of bespoke software solutions to businesses of all sizes and locations.

Kbase carved out 2 key niches that they have been serving ever since, one in Compliance tools and the other in Policy Management tools.
Working with the likes of Nokia, Rabobank International, Prudential, Monster.com, Wimpey Homes, RNLi and ARM Holdings, amongst many others, Kbase were able to design and develop practical real-world solutions that served Enterprise level organisations, whilst providing SME's with advanced tools that were scalable downwards as well as up.
With the focus firmly on policy/document full lifecycle management and compliance, Policy Central has been underpinning the governance, policy management, operational risk and compliance of organisations across the globe for over a decade.

Anyway it's all about you!

Kbase has always put the clients first and strive to build long-lasting partnerships. Policy Central is a fully customisable policy, compliance, governance and risk operating system that can wrap around your needs.

Policy Management, Policy Compliance, Governance Management, Information Assurance, Single source of truth
Policy Management, Policy Compliance, Governance Management, Information Assurance, Single source of truth


Here are just a few kind words our clients have agreed to share with you on their experience of working with us.

“Kbase/Policy Central has served our needs since 2012, supporting a robust library of policies and procedures.  Despite our offices being separated by several time-zones, timely communication and support have never faltered.
We appreciate their integrity, flexibility, and proactive support of our mission, vision, and values.”

richard jobse
Director of Policy and Procedure

“We used Policy Central across 21 Countries covering our worldwide operation. It provided a critical business service that helped us create, disseminate and monitor acceptance of business critical policies, procedures and handbooks to all of our staff and contractors.

We were also able to gather evidence of understanding by ensuring our staff answer a number of well formed questions before allowing acceptance to be actioned.”

Naomi Bowman

“Policy Central provides a platform for our Nursing staff to gain instant access to the latest policies and procedures.  It has also proven to be a valuable resource for the secure creation and dissemination of board level documentation as well as helping us maintain our CQC accreditation.

We can track digitally signed documents and help staff understand the content easier whilst monitoring progress.  Policy Central has been a tremendous help in our growth and continued success.”

chris roys

“With the amazing support of the Kbase Connect team and the software's flexibility, the ability to have one trusted source of governance and documentation for the team is key and we have used this for outside volunteer working groups too to access what they need.

The multiple levels of access control have inspired multiple solutions. It is always a pleasure to put our heads together on another creative thinking project so thank you for all your support.”

Angela Fumpson

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