Compliance Management

create, disseminate, monitor & test

core features

Policy Central provides you with a strategic platform for creating, disseminating and monitoring compliance, governance and regulatory control across your entire organisation, 24/7 secure access for staff, sub-contractors, suppliers, clients and auditors.

generic modules

Generic modules can be added to the core system to extend the functionality and match your general requirements. For example this could cover, specific HR management, eLearning or Gamification Mechanics.

bespoke modules

Bespoke operational modules can be designed, developed and supported to extend Policy Central through unique capabilities specific to your company.

benefits - (top 12)

Help to Protect Your Business
Help protect your business against potential litigation by retaining acceptance details of all versions past and present.
Cross-Business Platform
Ensuring centralised policies across multiple companies with disparate systems in all business combinations.
Change Management
Keep track of key changes and review why changes were made, by whom and when they were done.
Gather Evidence
Avoid the quick ticker and gather evidence that they have read and understood before they can tick to accept.
Target Groups
Disseminate strategies across the entire business or optionally filter to departments, individuals or special groups and make them accountable.
Bespoke Modules
Extend into any operational area via bespoke module development and take advantage of the core framework.
Content Bombing
Interlink policies through a simple process that gives an instant rich store of related information and incredible control.
Reuseable Content
Create traditional handbooks and sub documents that automatically update themselves from the underlying policy.
Management Triggers
Manage a team or process effectively by receiving automatic notification when an acceptance has been completed.
Auto Start/End
Save time and improve efficiency by setting auto Start and Expiry dates for policies and documents.
Global/Local Control
Both local administration and global control can be designed to exactly fit your corporate needs.
Update & Sync
Policies and procedures controlled across different offices and jurisdictions are updated and synchronised centrally.