Centralised Consultant Control

If you are a Consultant, controlling all the documentation, handbooks, policies and procedures you issue to your clients is a big task. Ensuring they have the latest version and that they have read, understood and accepted the changes is essential. How do you currently know when this has happened? Do users really understand the changes implemented?

How about being able to centralise this information, making it auditable and providing automatic notifications to key tasks and exceptions. Wouldn't it be great if changes in a master document can automatically flood down to every client instantly and notify them automatically that an update has been issued.

Ensuring your clients are compliant all year round and not just at audit time or worst not compliant at all. Imagine being able to have an expert witness to call upon to help in a case where non-repudiation can be ruled out and audit trails lead to the truth.

This is all possible with Policy Central Consultants edition! For a fixed monthly fee you get your own white labelled system which allows you to set up as many clients as you like. Each will have their own version branded with your corporate id or that of your client.

Set up your rich environment and give your clients everything they need at a click of a button, 24/7 from anywhere.