Consultants Edition

Control of all your clients' policies, handbooks and training

Controlling all the documentation, handbooks, policies and procedures you issue to your clients is a big task. Ensuring they have the latest version and that they have read, understand and accept the changes is essential. How do you know who has read, understood and accepted these handbooks, policies and procedures? Do they really understand the changes implemented?

How about being able to centralise this information, making it auditable and alert you when things aren't right. Wouldn't it be great if changes in a master document can automatically flood down to every client instantly and notify them automatically that an update has been issued.

Ensuring your clients are compliant all year around and not just at audit time or worst not compliant at all. Imagine being able to have an expert witness to call upon to help in a case where non-repudiation can be ruled out and audit trails lead to the truth.

This is all possible with Policy Central Consultants edition! For a fixed monthly fee you get your own white labelled system which allows you to set up as many clients as you like. Each will have their own version branded with your corporate id or that of your client.

Set up your rich environment and give your clients everything they need at a click of a button, 24/7 from anywhere.

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just a few of the benefits...

Policy Life Cycle
Manage your complete Policy life cycle from a single system and set automatic start and end dates and review reminders.
Automatic Reminders
Be automatically reminded of policies coming up for review and of any procedures, training or handbooks that need to be accepted.
Set the Scope
Set the global policy scope access and sub-scope for monitoring to ensure only the staff that need it see it.
Control Zones
Give admin rights to key areas of the business responsible for specific disciplines such as HR, Quality, IT, Compliance, Risk etc..
Review changes
Review changes made by whom and for what reason all within a central chronological log along with previous versions.
Import MS Word Docs
Advanced importing allows Word Documents to be imported directly into the heart of the system, taking advantage of all features.
Supporting Material
Important supporting material such as PDF and XLS files can be attached to a policy with the ability to restrict access.
Current Status
View the status of a risk assessment or compliance of a policy before the next audit? Which department is failing?
Sub Contractors
Ensure your subcontractors and partners gain access to your LOB policies and you have a record of their acceptance.
Update & Sync
Policies and procedures controlled across different offices and jurisdictions are updated and synchronised centrally.
Global/Local Control
Both local administration and global control can be designed to exactly fit your corporate needs.
Record all types of assessment from DSE to General risk, inducation courses to product quality.
Expert Witness
Display evidence of acceptance at the touch of a button thus eliminating potential conflicts and costly procedures.
Education Tracking
Track a persons progress along their education path and use this information for performance reviews.
Smart Phone Access
Give remote staff and contractors access via smart phones to the latest information and guidelines.